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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Nestle's Azuki Kit Kat

Nestle's foray into the flavored Kit Kat is a big success here in Japan. With a variety of wonderful chocolate flavors and the trademark crispy wafer, Kit-Kat has already become one of the favorite chocolate bars in Japan. This is a very traditional Azuki bean flavor, with real Azuki beans used for a wonderful natural sweetness you won't soon forget. An amazing snack flavor from minds of Nestle Japan that you will love -- get them before they are gone! Note: azuki is also written adzuki.

Weight: 80 g. Price: $2.20

Friday, November 21, 2008

R2-D2 Gum Pot

It seems that R2 is a droid that's is always full of surprises, able to break through computer defenses to get them to obey his commands, concealing light sabers to deploy at a moment's notice, and even storing your gum! Well, at least that's what this R2 Unit is designed for. Flip open the top of this 11 cm (4 inches) droid and it reveals delicious chewing gum treasures for your munching pleasure. And when you're done, R2 becomes a hollow container that you can refill with other goodies like Xylish gum, Chicklets or anything else you can imagine . Don't let Obi-wan's Jedi Mind Trick fool you, "This IS the droid you're looking for."
Weight: 100 g. Price: $9.80

Xylish - Hyper Cool piece type (caffeine gum)

A delicious new tablet-style gum from Japan, this is Xylish gum with Xylitol in it. This is a very delicious mint gum that's candy-coated, in foil-wrapped pieces similar to Clorets. A great product, and great for tooth health, too. Kaori, who has worked at J-List since we began our company years ago, chews this gum, and personally recommends it to everyone. This is the super-spicy caffeinated gum, with real caffeine and spices to wake you up! Great for fans of Lotte's Black Black, too.

Weight: 50 g. Price: $1.50

Bubblicious Gum -- Ramune Flavor

Bubblicious, the juicy gum bursting with flavor with every chew, is also in Japan with phenomenal Japan-only flavors for you. Each pack contains 7 pieces of individually wrapped chewing gum, but this is another unique Japanese flavor -- ramune flavor which is a favorite among all Japanese. Try this new flavor with your next order!
Weight: 50 g. Price: $1.50

Meiji Pupurun Gummy -- Lemon

Collagen is one of the new health crazes in Japan. Collagen is a major protein in our bodies especially in connective tissue, and it is now believed that collagen intake helps slow down the body's natural aging process by smoothing out the wrinkles of the skin, reducing cellulite and even restoring damaged hair. A good source of collagen is from gelatin, the main component of gummy treats. Here is a gummy that touts its collagen content in a dual layer snack. The outer layer is made entirely from juice and the inside is a soft chewy gummy. One package has an amazing 1500 mg of collagen! This package is also resealable to maintain freshness. A yummy gummy that has beneficial health effects, this is Lemon flavor.
Weight: 50 g. Price: $1.70

Fuwarinka Gum Rose Flavor

An incredibly unique taste, this is rose flavored gum by Kanebo with special healing benefits. Not only is this a sugarless gum with added vitamin C, but it also contains hyaluronic acid, an ingredient claimed to help prevent premature aging in the skin, and it even improves the way you smell, adding a touch of rose aroma to your natural body odor. This pack contains 9 tablet-shaped (chicklet-style) individually wrapped gum candies. Treat yourself and your skin to this wonderful gum!
Weight: 50 g. Price: $1.70

UHA Shuwa Puccho -- Cola Flavor

From UHA Candy comes this soft chew that's mixed in with real bits of gummy inside for a unique snack. This delicious treat is a the ever popular cola flavor that children all over Japan throw serious tantrums in the marketplace for if their parents deny them this special treat. This is one pack and includes about 10 pieces.
Weight: 70 g. Price: $1.50

UHA Shuwa Puccho -- Ramune

Based on the delicious chewing gum from Japan, this is the ever so popular ramune flavored yogurt soft candy called Shuwa Puccho. With bits of gummy embedded within each piece, each package contains 10 pieces and has a great gum like texture although you can swallow it like candy. A fantastic soft candy from the geniuses at UHA of Japan! Enjoy this traditional ramune flavor (similar to 7-up in snack form) today!
Weight: 70 g. Price: $1.50